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Custom Process

Custom Process

Do you accept custom work? 

Yes.  A large part of my business is creating one of a kind custom work.

What metals do you work with? 

I work with many different metals, including Sterling Silver, White, Yellow + Pink Gold in 10-19kt, Platinum and 14kt Yellow Gold Fill.

How do I commission custom work?

Step 1: Hopefully you have given some consideration as to what you would like to have created. Is it a ring? or necklace? Is this a gift?  The person who will be receiving this heartfelt creation, is their style more streamlined + modern? or do they like something with that rustic or eclectic feel?  If you're a visual person, checking out places such as Pinterest for ideas, is a great start.  We also need to consider lifestyle, budget, and perhaps what stones/colours are to be included.  The more information you can bring to the conversation, the sooner we can move in the right direction.

Step 2:  Reach Out! Send me an email and we can loosely discuss any of the ideas and details you are aware of.

  • Cost- Often clients want to know how much their custom piece will be.  We do our best to work with budgets, but for example, the average engagement ring starts around $3000.  However, it can go up or down depending on the details. The more information I have to work with, the easier I can quote you.
  • Can you copy something I saw online- I'm happy to use that as a jumping off point,  we can take some of the elements that you love about it and use it as inspiration, but I won't copy another artists designs.  
  • Will you work with my stones + metal- Yes.  This is a service I provide.  I do not usually remelt clients silver or white gold.  Yellow Gold works best (because of the alloys in it) we can discuss this further when we meet.  Essentially, I will have to inspect everything fully before agreeing to use client supplied materials.

Step 3: We meet up, whether in person or online to discuss the general direction and design aesthetic for your piece.  From this point, I will have gathered some additional design ideas and may infact have sent you some inspirational ideas.  At this point we should both know some key factors for the project.

Step 4: At this point we will have a budget, design direction, metal options + timeline. I will be designing around these parameters.  Stone sourcing will commence (if that is part of our project) and sketches will begin.  I will create a number of designs based on our discussions.

  • Do you require a deposit- Yes.  At this point we require a $250 deposit for gem sourcing and this also covers my time to begin research and design.  This fee is credited towards your custom purchase. In the event you do not move forward with a custom piece, unfortunately, this fee is non-refundable.
  • What if I am supplying materials- We do still take a deposit of $150 that will be credited to the finished job for me to design within the scope of your materials.  Up to 5 designs/sketches are provided. This will also cover my time to inspect + remove stones from existing settings + melt down your metals. This deposit is also non-refundable should you choose not complete this project..
  • What if my custom job is in Silver or 14kt Gold fill- We will still take a deposit, however it will be in relation to the scope of the project and we will discuss that with you.

Step 5:  Finalize your design.  This is an exciting step! At this point you will have chosen your favourite design, stone(s) and if there are any final tweaks to be made, we will do so before your piece goes in to production. 

  • What is your payment plan- At this point once the piece is entering production, another payment is made.  If you are purchasing stone(s) as part of your custom project, we will either charge 50% of the project or the cost of the stone, which ever is greater.

Step 6: Making it happen! As a designer goldsmith, this is where I get to play and you get to relax.  We have moved on to where your sketches/model/computer renderings come to life!  At this stage, sometimes small adjustments need to be made and we will always consult you before proceeding.  Our goal is to make you a piece that is designed to be treasured and made to be worn.

  • When will my job be completed- At this stage of the process once designs /models are approved and in production, we are looking on average of 4-6 weeks.  This really depends on how large a project it is, as well as my schedule and the time of year (hello holidays).  Overall, custom jobs can take as little as a few weeks (for wedding bands with no stones) to a few months if the stone is particularly difficult to source.

Step 7: Pick up or ship your finished piece!

At this point once it is complete, we will send you an email with the finished pictures/videos if you'd like.  We package all custom items up in high quality boxes.  Engagement and Ceremony rings come in a gorgeous finely crafted wood box and other custom items in either a velvet pouch or modern jewellery box, perfect for gift giving.  We complete the outstanding payment on the job and the custom piece is delivered.