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Jewellery Care

Jewellery Care

How do I care for my Silver or Gold Jewellery: 

To preserve the look of your jewelry and to keep it looking like new for years to come, here are a few basics that should be followed. 

  • Chlorine and metal do not play well. The chlorine will in fact damage the metal as it is acidic, same goes for bleach.
  • Lotions and creams can damage porous stones or metals so be sure to wipe off any excess before putting on your jewelry.
  • Don't wear during sports activities since you could risk damage.
  • Take fine chains off prior to sleep or vigorous activities.
  • The PH levels in your skin can actually cause skin discoloration when wearing metals and could indicate high levels of acid in your skin.


If your jewellery has a Shiny Finish:

Whether your jewellery piece has stones or not, a great way to clean your metal is to softly buff your pieces with a jewellery polishing cloth. This should not damage stones.  We do carry them If you are in need of one you can trust to work.  If you are looking to clean in around gemstones, we recommend that you take it to a professional jeweller.  At home, you can use a soft toothbrush and in a small dish, use warm water with a touch of degreaser i.e. Mr. Clean added to the water.  Brush gently under and around the stone(s).  Not recommended for Pearls or Emeralds.

If your jewellery has a Matte Finish:

Over time, this finish is begin to become more polished looking, especially on pieces like rings + bracelets.  DO NOT use a polishing cloth on it as it will further polish the silver. You are welcome to bring it back to me, and I will inspect and reapply this technique for free.  At home,  to reapply this finish, you can place some warm water in a dish, dampen your finger and then add some dry baking soda, rub along the surface of your piece (avoiding gemstones especially Pearls & Emeralds).  Once you notice the satin finish refreshed, be sure to throughly rinse any baking soda off and pat dry.  If this isn't done throughly, it will dry leaving a white film that will be difficult to remove.

If your jewellery has an Oxidized (darkened) Finish:

These pieces require very little in the way of maintenance. However over time, especially if this finish is in a ring or bracelet (something that has surface contact) you may need to have this process reapplied.  Using things such as dips or polishing cloths, will speed up or remove this patina.

How do I prevent my silver from tarnishing?

Wear it! However when you aren't wearing your favourite pieces, keep them in air tight or anti tarnish containers.  I do sell treated anti tarnish ziploc baggies if that is something you are looking for. Do not wear jewellery when completing overly physical tasks, using chemicals, in pools/hot tubs- as the chlorine will tarnish your jewellery.

Do you resize rings?

Yes.  We strongly encourage you to meet with us in person to have your ring size taken properly, or visit a quality local jeweller.  Many of our rings will resize nicely, however some of our pieces may have stones that are too delicate to handle the heat.  Please try to ensure the proper sizing before ordering.  If a ring you purchased need to be resized, please email me.  All ring re-sizing must be done in my studio and a fee may be assessed for additional materials and time. An estimate of the charge will be given prior to you shipping/returning the ring for resizing. You are responsible for shipping costs and any lost merchandise during shipping. I will provide you with shipping instructions.


To read more about our warranty .

 Jewellery that is well cared for should last for many years, however it may require maintenance.  If your Magi J Designs jewellery requires cleaning, a surface refresh or inspection, I am happy to provide this for you free of charge (please note clients are responsible for shipping to and from).

If a piece of your Magi J Designs jewellery breaks and it isn't covered by our one year manufacturing policy, we are happy to repair that item for you. Contact us and we can discuss what needs to happen and if repair charges apply. Please note that clients are responsible for shipping.