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Guide to Metal + Stones

Guide to Metal + Stones

  • What metals do you work with?

I have and can work with many different metals including different colours and karats of Gold, Silver & Platinum. I do also work with 1/20 14kt Gold Filled (more info below).  Depending on the job, not all metals are best suited, but I am here to guide you and answer questions you may have.

  • Is there a difference in metal colour between the different karats of gold?

Yes.  I have attached a handy picture to give you an idea of what the differences look like.

  • Does your Sterling Silver oxidize/tarnish?

Sterling Silver in nature does oxidize with exposure to different environments & chemicals.  Sometimes Sterling Silver is plated with Rhodium (which is part of the Platinum family) to slow down the process and give it in even whiter, brighter finish.

  • How do I prevent my silver from tarnishing?

Wear it! However when you aren't wearing your favourite pieces, keep them in air tight or anti tarnish containers.  I do sell anti tarnish ziploc baggies if that is something you are looking for. Do not wear jewellery when completing overly physical tasks, using chemicals, in pools/hot tubs- as the chlorine will tarnish your jewellery.

  • What is the difference between Shiny, Matte + Oxidized finishes?

Shiny Metal - Is just that.  Silver that has been highly polished with polishing compound.

Matte Finish- We've applied a soft texture to the surface of the Silver or Gold with a special brush.  There are different levels of textures available from soft to more aggressive where the texture is more visible. This provides a modern feel to the piece.

Oxidized Finish- Is created by a chemical compound applied to the surface of the metal that darkens the finish of the piece.  This is great for amplifying detail in a piece that doesn't receive constant contact with hard surfaces. It will also add dimension and more of an antique feel to a piece.

  • What is 14kt Gold Fill?

14k gold filled jewellery is a solid layer of 14k gold, mechanically bonded to the outside of a base metal such as silver or brass. Under normal wear, 14K gold filled jewelry will not flake or peel like gold plated jewelry. Like solid 14k gold, 14k gold filled jewelry is safe for most people with sensitive skin. Gold-filled jewelry, even with daily wear, can last 10 to 30 years.

On occasion I offer 14k Gold Filled Chain as an option to bring the cost down for my customers. Listings will be noted if they're made using Gold Filled chain otherwise I use solid 14k Gold for my jewelry.

  • What is Moissanite?

Moissanite is harder than Sapphires, Rubies and other gemstones and only second in hardness to Diamonds at 9.25 Mohs. Believed to have been carried by a meteorite in trace amounts, silicon carbide in a labor intensive process has been hand faceted by master gem cutters to bring out the stone's natural brilliance. The fire that this gem produces is phenomenal. Moissanite's are most commonly used in place of a Diamond.  They are offered in a few shades and clarities.  While less expensive then a Diamond, they are priced more on the scale of a coloured stone.

  • Can I request a particular stone for an item you already create?

Yes.  Many of the pieces I create I am happy to customize with a different stone.  Please note that sometimes a One of a Kind piece has been specifically created around the stone in it and unfortunately is not available for customization.  As well, note that different stones are priced according to size, shape, clarity, and rarity. This will impact the cost of the finished piece. 

  • Do you have a resource to learn more about gemstones?

Yes, the industry standard is the GIA: Gemological Institute of America